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My home is not my fortress - homes accessible for children with disabilities

Petya and Boris Petrovi are the parents of three children - Gabi (10), Ani (3), and Ilia (2). They live in a two-storey house in Sofia.

Their eldest daughter, Gabi, was born with cerebral palsy and needs specialized care. The mother, Petya, stays at home and looks after the children. The father, Boris, takes jobs where he can work on shifts (e.g. night guard) so that he can help looking after Gabi and the other two children.

Gabi is a lovely smiling girl whose condition has been improving since, in 2006, the family received financial support to go for treatment and rehabilitation abroad. Her mother takes her to specialized gymnastics and massage almost every day, whenever the family can afford it. Gabi loves swimming most and feels much better after a relaxing massage. Both parents are determined to do their best to make it possible for Gabi to be active and develop her physical and mental abilities further.

The family are taking a loan from the project fund to build an extension to the house in order to accommodate a new bathroom and a toilet. In addition, using their own savings, they are putting up a fence renovating the staircase, and buying the bathroom fittings. The bathroom will become fully accessible for Gabi with a specialized bathtub and sink.

The loan is mainly used for the purchase of building material as Boris has the necessary knowledge and skills to plan and implement the "project". He is supported by friends, relatives and colleagues who come to the site and work in their free time. The grandparents are helping too - while the renovations are taking place they are looking after the two younger children at their village.

The family's dream is to have a small swimming pool in the yard, a lift to the second storey of the house, and a sports/play "centre" in the space of the garage where they would be able to invite other disabled children and, together with other parents, employ professional rehabilitation specialists to work with the kids.

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